Argentina lost points by scoring a goal in the last minute


Argentina played their second and sixth match of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers this month.  Argentina drew 2-2 in this match against Colombia.

 After losing points against Chile in the previous match, they also lost points against Colombia.  The team was deprived of victory after scoring a goal at the last moment.

 Argentina went ahead in the third minute of this match against Colombia today.  Christian Romero put the Argentines ahead with a goal.

Midfielder Pardes doubled Argentina's lead with a goal without cutting the goal race.  Argentina took a 2-0 lead in just 6 minutes and went to the break with a 2-0 lead.

Colombia were awarded a penalty in the 51st minute after the break and Colombia's Muriel scored from there.  Excitement back in the match.  The match continues.  The game ends in 90 minutes of injury time.  But Miguel Borja sent the ball into the net of Argentina in the fourth minute.  As a result, Argentina had to leave the field after losing points in the match

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