Czech Republic in the Quarter Final.


The Czech Republic has won the second round match of UEFA Euro.  Today, the Republicans reached the quarter finals by beating the giant Netherlands 2-0.

 Knockout episode match.  Danger if this way or that.  Neither the Netherlands nor the Czech Republic could score in the first half of such a match.

However, the Netherlands took the first big blow after the break.  In the 55th minute of the match, Dutch defender De Ligat saw a red card and the Netherlands became a team of 10 people.

The Czech Republic took the lead in the 6th minute of the match with 10 Netherlands.  Thomas Holes put the Republicans ahead with a goal.

 The Czech Republic got the second goal in the 60th minute of the match without cutting the resh of this goal.  The course of the match was somehow determined there.  The Czech Republic and the Dutch camp were engulfed in a black cloud of gloom as the final betting market erupted..

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