Premier League, new agreement with the South American federations


The South American federations of Brazil, Chile and Paraguay , as well as that of Mexico , have withdrawn their request to punish English clubs for not releasing players for qualifying for Qatar 2022. 

This was announced by FIFA with a note published on its official website:

The press release

"Based on positive signals and constructive dialogue, FIFA received from the UK government regarding the October international match window, acknowledging that players have no control over the extreme situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the health restrictions currently imposed and, as a sign of good faith, goodwill and cooperation, the affiliated associations of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Paraguay, in close consultation with FIFA, have decided to withdraw their complaints in relation to players who play in England and players destined to play in England, who have not taken part in recent international matches.

On September 8, 2021, the president of FIFA, the interim president of the FA and the president of the Premier League sent a joint letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom The UK government is now open to finding a reasonable solution with the three organizations, who are working closely together in a spirit of mutual understanding, in the interest of all. "

South Americans on the pitch in the Premier and Champions League

Therefore, English clubs are free to use players this weekend and also in next Tuesday's Champions League matches . In return, the English clubs promise to release squads for the October rounds, but the release will happen if the quarantine requirement for those returning from these countries to the UK is relaxed.

FIFA, the English Federation and the Premier League are working together to convince the British government. All this would avoid what happened in September, when players from Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico were not released from the English clubs they play at. This situation affected players like Brazilians Alisson, Fabinho and Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Ederson and Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City), Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Fred (Manchester United), Raphinha (Leeds United), Chilean Sierralta (Watford ), the Mexican Jimenez (Wolves) and the Paraguayan Almiron (Newcastle).

A restriction due to the fact that these South American countries are on the Covid-19 "red list" drawn up by the British government and those who return from these places to the United Kingdom must undergo a 10-day quarantine in the hotel. FIFA had decided to exercise its regulations and to suspend the players of the Premier clubs for five days beyond the period in which they would be engaged with their respective national teams . With the agreement reached, however, the sanction was withdrawn.

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