Argentina will play in the semifinals!


Qatar World Cup is slowly approaching.  With that, various accounts are increasing.  Former Argentine footballer Mario Kempes sees Lionel Messi's Argentina as one of his favorites in the tournament, which starts on November 21.  He sees Argentina at least in the World Cup semifinals.

The last installment of the South American World Cup qualifiers is now underway.  When it is over, it will be the way of grouping and knockout of the World Cup.  Argentina's squad for the last four World Cups has changed dramatically in the years leading up to the World Cup.  And besides Messi, Albiceleste is now a very strong team.  That is what fascinated the hero of Argentina's World Cup victory.

Messi seemed to have all the responsibility to score goals from the previous attack in Argentina.  "Until now, Messi has not only been the goalkeeper, he has had to do everything else," Kempes said.

The change in the current Argentina has also affected Messi's mentality.  In a recent interview with TYC Sports, the hero of Argentina's first World Cup said, "But this team is completely different.  I don't know if the personality of the players of this team is such that they are players of different sizes.


He added: "One thing they are showing is that they can play with Messi or without Messi.  Messi once thought he was being forced to come to Argentina, now it seems he is really happy here.

However, Messi's decision to go to PSG was not a good one, according to Kempes.  He said, "I don't think he did well in PSG.  She's sad, she's forced to smile.  She is suffering from severe nervousness because she is not feeling well at all.  They can beat any team in the league, but who did they beat there?  He, because he is the best player in the world, was taken there to win the Champions League, but he could not cross the last 16.

He added: "Messi is not playing there with confidence.  Unfortunately I can't see it well.  Not bad.  Because he started well in many matches.  But the result has been different.

"This Argentina team can play against anyone with a cool head," Kempes said.  Today, the team is not at the top of the rankings, but they have the logistics to lose to any team in the world.  I don't see a better national team, not even Belgium.

At the end of the day, he said, "Lionel Scaloni has eliminated everyone who was in his hands.  Except for Messi, De Maria, and Otamendi.  He has brought youth and innovation in the team.  If I was asked who the semi-finalists would be, I would say Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany.