Shevchenko: Ready to welcome families into my home


Andriy Shevchenko doesn't want to stand by and watch. In these dramatic weeks for his Ukraine , the former striker has launched a charity fundraiser to bring aid to his country called Play Your Part. 

Play your Part has two objectives: the first is to try to raise funds and help children, women and the elderly fleeing the war. The situation is dramatic, in many cities there is a lack of food, water, medicine " , commented the attacker in a ' interview with Sky Sport. The second objective is to make our closeness felt to the Ukrainian people. We are defending our freedom, our home: we try to help all those in need".

"I want to give as much resonance as possible to bring funds and aid"

"I am always in contact with children's hospitals , " Shevchenko said. With Play your part we want to help as quickly as possible the people who are fleeing Ukraine to fix them. I wanted to thank the Italian people for the many initiatives in favor of my country.

Sheva's family is still in Ukraine , who said he was worried about his mother 's condition : My mother's health is not good lately, it has deteriorated. I'm thinking how to get her away from Kiev, I would like to help her here in England.

Likewise, Shevchenko said he was willing to help directly and indirectly as many families as possible : One of my friends has proposed to help 1 50 mothers with children by hosting them in a dormitory. I myself am ready to host some families in my house . There are also other players who play who are promoting initiatives such as Mykolenko , Zinchenko, Malinovskyi in Italy. We must make Ukraine feel that it has not been abandoned.

Finally, the former striker commented on the decision not to enlist : "It is a personal choice. I know people who have joined the army and are now fighting. Everyone has to find their own field of expertise: I have chosen another path to help my country. I want to give as much attention as possible and try to get help and funds for refugees. I want to dedicate 100% of my time to this cause. We must stop the war in every way, there are people who are dying without a sense.