Argentina will play against Israel before the World Cup!


The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar in November.  Out of 32 teams, 29 teams including the host Qatar have been confirmed.  The three slots that remain vacant in the draw will be determined by the two Intercontinental Play-off winners and the European Play-off winners.

Meanwhile, Copa America champion Argentina is one of the favorites of this year's World Cup.  Their preparation has already started.

However, before the World Cup, Maradona will play in the Cup against Euro champions Italy.  And in the World Cup qualifier match against Brazil will also be on the field.

On the other hand, their game is being heard against Israel!  It is learned that the plan is progressing well.  "After Italy on June 1, they could play against Israel on June 7," said Mundo Albiceleste, a reliable source with the Argentine national team.  Argentine journalist Hernan Castillo also said that the possibility of that match in any European venue is increasing.

It is to be noted that even before the Russia World Cup in Russia, Argentina was supposed to play against Israel.  But the pressure from all over the world on Argentina not to play that match for the attack on Palestine.  In the end, Argentina was forced to cancel the match.  Now it remains to be seen whether this fight will be played on the last mesh field.