Liverpool will lose near Real midfield: Gary Neville


As the time for the Champions League final approaches, the discussion is growing.  Preparations for the festival have also started all around.  Both Real Madrid and Liverpool are determined to be the best in Europe.

Ahead of the final, former footballers, coaches and experts have already started discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the two teams.  Among them is former Manchester United defender Gary Neville.  He is leading Real Madrid.  He says that Liverpool will lose to Real Madrid in the midfield battle.

Neville's remarks will not be well received by Allred fans.  Because the fire of revenge is burning even among the supporters of the team like Liverpool.  The English club lost the final to Real Madrid four years ago.

Liverpool want to win the title at any cost this time as a revenge for the rate four years ago.  But Neville says Liverpool's midfield is far behind Real Madrid.  Neville lost to Liverpool just before the field due to being behind in the middle of the field!

Neville also commented on his remarks.  "Look at Real Madrid's midfield," he said.  Real Madrid, consisting of Casimiro, Tony Kruse, Luca Madrich, Valvarde and Kamavinga, will attack Liverpool from the first minute of the match.

Neville said Liverpool's midfield was almost useless at the end of the match.  He thinks that Liverpool will win with the opportunity of this time.

Liverpool will not give up on the former Manchester United footballer.  Instead, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp will focus on how to make midfielders stronger.

Neville's comments, on the other hand, will naturally resonate with Liverpool midfielders.  They will also want to prove Neville's remarks wrong and lift the title of the best in Europe.

Liverpool and Real Madrid will meet on the 26th of this month at the Stade de France stadium in France.  This is the second time in four years that the two teams have met in the Champions League final.

 Real Madrid lifted the record 13th Champions League title by beating the English giants in the previous show.  Football fans are waiting to see what happens next.