That's why the Australian state is angry with Argentina


Brazil agreed.  But the discomfort was in the Argentine camp.  That was thinking about the players.  Argentina had two more friendly matches before the match against Brazil at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on June 11.  The Argentine Football Association was in a dilemma as to whether it would be right to play a match against arch-rivals Brazil in an international friendly match against Euro-winning Italy on June 1 and Israel on June 7.  The match in Melbourne was canceled due to their dilemma.

The Australian state of Victoria is angry that the match was canceled at the historic ground in Melbourne.  According to their sports minister, the match was of great interest to the football-loving people of Melbourne.  Most of the tickets for the June 11 match were sold out.  Victoria's sports minister doesn't like the matter at all.

"I think Argentina needs to be accountable to Australian football fans," said Martin Pakula, Victoria's sports minister.  The argument they made to the organizing body is not very acceptable.  The people of Melbourne were very interested in the game.  They feel deprived because it has been canceled.

Meanwhile, Brazil national team coordinator Junio ​​Paulista said in Rio de Janeiro that the cancellation of the match against Argentina had hampered Brazil's preparations for the World Cup.  Brazil wants to play one more match instead of Argentina in the FIFA June window.  That, of course, is not possible before June 21.  With the match against Argentina, Brazil is scheduled to play two international friendly matches against South Korea and Japan in June.