Breaking News: Cristiano Ronaldo finally released


Catherine Mayorga, a US model, filed a lawsuit against Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 alleging rape.  The Manchester United forward was acquitted on Friday (June 10).

Las Vegas judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed the case.  Catherine Mayorga will not be able to sue Ronaldo again even if she wants to from now on.

Judge Jennifer Dorsey said in her 42-page judgment that the case could not be reopened.  Catherine's lawyer, Leslie Mark Stoval, will also be punished for his misconduct with Ronaldo.

The judge also said that most of the documents presented in the court were sorted.

 While touring Las Vegas in 2009, Ronaldo became close to Katherine at a hotel, which at one point turned into a physical affair.  But the following year, Katherine continued to accuse him of rape.  He even threatened to sue.

At that time, Ronaldo paid around 4.5 million dollars to keep Katherine silent.  At that point, the dispute between the two parties was settled out of court.  But later Katherine complained about it again.  Based on his request, a legal investigation was started again in August 2016.

Contrary to Katherine's allegations, Ronaldo's legal team has been saying from the beginning that everything that happened between the two of them was by mutual consent.  So there is no basis for this case and Ronaldo is being harassed without any reason.  In the end, it turned out to be true.