Neymar is closer to the record of the legend Pel


The Brazilian national team is still at the top of the list of goal scorers after scoring 6 goals in his 15-year career.  Neymar needs just three more goals to touch this record.  He is in second position with 84 goals in 119 matches.

Despite beating South Korea 5-1 in an international friendly on June 2, Neymar had to face a tough test against Japan today.

Despite playing aggressively from the beginning, Japan's defense could not be broken.  Finally, Neymar's goal from a spot kick in the 6th minute brought relief to the Brazil camp.  Braji through this one goal

Although the scoreline of the match against Japan was 1-0, Brazil showed dominance throughout the match.  Celesaora could not score more than one goal with 55 percent possession and 20 shots.