Salah did nothing for Egypt: Hassan Shehata

Mohamed Salah is the biggest star in Egyptian football.  The forward, who has been leading European football for Liverpool, has been leading Egypt since 2019.  He has brought immense fame to the country in the world of football.  But despite all this, the country's former coach Hassan Shehata thinks Salah has done nothing for Egypt.

Salah has scored 48 goals in 65 matches for the country so far.  He is the second highest scorer of all time for Egypt.  Shehata left Egypt just before Salah's debut after winning the Africa Cup of Nations three times in a row.

In a recent interview with the Egyptian media Egypt Independent, Shehata questioned Salah's contribution to the national team, saying, "Sorry, but he did nothing for the national team.  He should have done much better.  He should be more energetic when playing for the national team.

Salah played with the best of the best in the world in a Liverpool jersey.  However, it did not become so in the national team.  There are many differences between his club and national team mates.

Hassan, one of the most successful coaches in Egypt's history, thinks Salah should be responsible for bridging the gap, "he said.  He may not select players.  But he should have said that the players here are not the ones they play with in England.  As a result, the coaches have to find a way to find a place on the field for Salah.  We have to find players who will help him play better. 

Although he made his debut in 2011, Salah has yet to win a title for Egypt.  Despite reaching the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations in 2016 and 2021, Salah's boat sank off the coast.  However, after 1990, the North African country got the opportunity to play in the 2018 World Cup due to Salah's great skill in selecting the World Cup.