Bangladesh was also present at Argentina's title celebration


Bangladesh and Argentina are two polar countries in football.  Argentina, home to three World Cup winners, ranks Bangladesh around 200.  The fight between two countries on the football field is far away.

However, although the position of the two countries in football is at two poles, this football has united the two countries.  It is as if a soul relationship has been formed between the people of the two countries of the two poles.

Argentina won the title in Qatar World Cup this year.  The waves of each victory of Argentina have hit Bangladesh.  The news of that wave has reached Argentina.

Because of showing so much love for Argentina, people of Argentina are also interested in Bangladesh now.  The flag of Bangladesh is being sold in that country.  The fans of that country are celebrating again with that flag.

After Argentina won the World Cup, there is a flood of joy in Argentina.  A festive atmosphere has been created there.  And they remember Bangladesh even in this festival.  Many people participated in that festival with the flag of Bangladesh, as if they wanted to thank Bangladesh.