Emiliano Martinez could not change the habit


Emiliano Martinez has come under fire recently for a celebration.  He used to make obscene gestures in the match.  He did so even after winning the Copa America.  He would do this even if he saved a penalty.

The celebration of that obscene gesture was done once again on the stage of the World Cup.  He won the Golden Gloves in this year's World Cup held in Qatar.  After that victory he did this celebration with golden gloves.

Emiliano Martinez was one of Argentina's best stars in the World Cup.  His performance was excellent.  He was the hero in tiebreakers in two matches.  In these two matches of the quarter-final and the final, Argentina won with his skills.

However, it is still uncertain whether any action will be taken by the Argentine Football Federation against Emiliano Martinez for such a gesture on the stage of the World Cup.  However, this is nothing compared to the joy of winning the title after 36 years.  The contribution of this goalkeeper is not less for winning this title.