Manchester City vs Barcelona will play the Champions League final next season: Laporte


Many may have forgotten that there was a team called Barcelona in the last two seasons of the Champions League.  Because, in these two tournaments, they have to play in the Europa League, which was much talked about.

In both seasons, they qualified for the group stage of the Champions League, but were eliminated from there.  Moreover, Barcelona may have forgotten what it is like to win the Champions League title.

 Barcelona president Laporte sees that Barcelona in the Champions League final next season.  This is what he said to Guardiola recently.

Spanish media claimed that Guardiola recently met Barcelona president Laporte.  There he told Guardiola that next season the final will be played between Manchester City and Barcelona.

However, Man City's time is going much better than Barcelona's.  They won the treble in the season just ended and won the Champions League title for the first time in their history.