Messi is like a titanic in major soccer league


The first ship in the history of the world that caused the most stir was the Titanic.  There was a stir in its construction, a stir on the maiden voyage and a stir after the sinking.

The name Titanic still lives on in its former glory.  Even after all these years of sinking, Titanic is still a name of wonder.

 Lionel Messi has become the wonder of Major Soccer League.  Inter has only played four matches in Miami so far, bringing the full US spotlight on him in all four matches.

In the first match, Abhishek scored on debut and it was from a brilliant free kick.  He then played three matches and scored two goals in each match.

 In total, he scored seven goals and one assist in four matches.  No one has ever shown such fine craftsmanship in Major League Soccer.