What Neymar said in the meeting with PSG officials


Lionel Messi is gone.  There, however, PSG had no problem.  But PSG's problems arose when Mbappe was rumored to be leaving.

 PSG wanted to build the team around Mbappe.  The team will build around Mbappe.  But Mbappe refused to renew the contract with PSG.

 After going through many events, now PSG wants to sell Mbappe.  In the next 10-15 days, the news of Mbappe's transfer may come.

During this trouble of PSG, Neymar Jr. appeared with another trouble.  He also told the club that he wants to leave the club this summer.

 The Brazilian did not want to sell this footballer to PSG.  However, Neymar does not want to stay in PSG anymore, according to the famous French media L'Equipe.

 "Neymar now wants to go to Barca," Elquipe said.  PSG wanted to sell him a year ago, but Neymar wants to stay at PSG.  But now PSG wants to keep him, but Neymar now wants to leave.  And these things Neymar has told PSG officials and coaches.

However, Xavi can be a big obstacle in bringing Neymar to Barcelona.  Barcelona coach Xavi sees Neymar as a problem.  Xavi can not match Neymar with his plan.  He thinks Neymar doesn't fit in his team.

 Now it remains to be seen what Barcelona will decide in the end.